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Swiss Screw Machining

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Precision CNC Machined Small Parts - Milling & Turning by Swissomation
Precision CNC Machined Small Parts - Milling & Turning by Swissomation
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Small part Swiss machined
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CNC & Swiss Machining
.004 to 3/4" diameter
7+ Axis – CNC Swiss-Type – Measuring Equipment – Cleaning & Handling – In-house tool design – Fabrication – MillTurn – ProtoPlus - MicroPlus

Uncompromising quality, unrivaled precision...

Custom micro-precision machining for perfect part production

At Swissomation, our family has been doing machining for over 70 years and through that time we’ve seen just about any challenge you can imagine.


Growing up in and around the shop, we’ve learned that you can’t do what everyone else is doing if you want to rise to be the best. We’ve worked to modify and build our own equipment, software, and techniques; collaborating diligently with talented individuals across numerous professions, to achieve a competitive edge over other shops. The culmination of this experience and hard work is why Swissomation is capable of taking on prototype quantities that other manufacturers would typically avoid. Our years of experience enable us to make your parts better, faster, and with higher tolerances.


With two locations in Texas and Virginia, you can take advantage of our expertise from anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. We’ve worked extensively with companies to help bring their products to market. Our engineers, specialized in machining, can help design your part for manufacturability. The earlier we get involved, the sooner we can provide time and cost saving insight.


Our unique production process begins at Swissomation with a clear understanding of our customers’ needs coupled with ISO standards, up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practices, and the Swissomation Quality Policy. During the review process of purchase orders and contracts, our engineering department works directly with customers and our management team to develop a validation and risk analysis strategy that incorporates qualified machinery and trained personnel using the most reliable and repeatable testing methods. Products are then manufactured and documented at the nominal settings of these parameters.


Throughout the manufacturing process, we make consistent use of quality measurement tools to continuously monitor reliability and precision. Our skilled team of machinists are trained to make note of any irregularities during production and if an aberration occurs, the lot is immediately flagged for additional inspection.


Our team of experts makes use of the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment, from names like Brown and Sharpe, Vision Engineering and Keyence. Using a wide array of instruments like CMM’s to measure dimensional and wall thickness and profilometers to measure surface finishes, Swissomation quality experts can ensure that produced parts adhere to quality standards every step of the way.


Our team of qualified engineers stands ready to design quality into the part from conception through production.


Swissomation is ITAR registered with a CAGE code

Quality systems comply with ISO 9001 standards

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Chris Welch, Sales
Fredericksburg, TX

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