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Razor Tool CNC 5-axis
Razor Tool CNC 5-axis
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Custom Injection Molders

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5 Axis High Precision Machining
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Short Lead Times & Delivery - 5 Axis Machining - Production Tool Grinding - Custom & Standard Cutting Tool Production - Optimized Coatings

Less handling, less setups, less room for error... 

and a better quality part for a lower price 


Razor Tool, Inc. offers full-service manufacturing, specializing in milling and turning for small

to mid-sized parts.

We specialize in work that requires complex capabilities and sophisticated setups.

We use 5 axis machining to minimize setups and human intervention to offer precision across the whole part. 5-Axis cutter grinding capabilities, as well as precision computerized inspection provides customers with the competitive edge in milling and drilling.

We can produce special cutting tools to your specifications, as well as produce standard end-mills and drills to order. We offer production grinding and sharpening of standard, or any variation of cutting for your machining applications, and we have invested in modern milling machinery to support the production needs for any customer. 


Razor Tool also offers a variety of coatings for maximum performance to suit a

broad spectrum of applications.

Our in-house inspection capability ensures the highest standard of precision in all of our products. We value continuous investment in modern milling machinery to support all of your production needs.


Our prompt response and quick turnaround time assures you will receive your product when you need it.


We are ISO9001:2015 certified. 

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Tony Mardiros, President
Woburn, MA

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