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GRINDING & Machining 
I.D Grinding - O.D. Grinding - Surface Grinding
Thread Grinding - Centerless Grinding
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Family owned with average

team member grinding experience of 20+ years!

Myers Precision Grinding is your complete precision grinding solution. 

We are a family owned business since the 1970’s, and remain family a business with second and third generations actively managing the steady growth of the companies. We are focused on building a solid track record as a reliable supplier of ID, OD, centerless, surface, and thread grinding solutions for our customers around the country.

OD Grinding: Part lengths up to 84 inches, diameters up to 16 inches. Applications include: Spindles, hydraulic components, rollers, molds, etc.

ID Grinding: Up to 30 inch swing. 24 inch diameter. We specialize in tapered ID grinding.

Surface Grinding: Table size – 14 inch x 24 inch and 16 inch height.

Centerless Grinding: Up to 6 foot length; total weight must be 35 pounds or less. Up to 6 inch OD. Minimum OD of .060

Thread Grinding-Internal and External: Precision part lengths up to 120 inches and diameters up to 24 inches. Applications include: Lead screws, worm gears, threads, medical screws. Thread pitch range: 1 to 200. Worm shaft pitch: Up to 2 DP. Multiple start threads.

General Machining: 2.5 inch bar thru spindle. Live tooling.

Surface Finish Tolerances: 1/10,000. Finish: 6-8 micros as needed

For MATERIALS, we can use most metals in a full range of hardness. Non-Metals include Ceramics and advanced materials.

Our mission is to offer products and services in an aggressive, ethical and high quality fashion that meets or exceeds customer expectations. We will accomplish our mission through our major asset, a highly motivated and dedicated team of employees who are well trained, professional individuals and by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. In pursuit of our mission we will continue to grow… reinvesting profits into benefits for our employees, upgrading our skills, equipment and surroundings. We pride ourselves in producing quality products and delivering them on time to our valued customers.

ISO 9001: 2015               

Member of NTMA

Warrensville Heights, Ohio
(216) 587-3737

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